Leadership Learning Collaborative

About the Program

The Leadership Learning Collaborative was a capacity-building initiative designed to provide the time, space, and opportunity for leadership programs in Maine to reflect on and explore their current and future work both individually and as a group.The collaborative was launched in March 2016 and concluded in December 2016.

The collaborative endeavored to:

  • Support leadership programs by exploring curriculum and delivery, communication, achievement of program goals and outcomes, and long-term financial sustainability
  • Build program capacity to assess their impact and effectively communicate that impact
  • Explore strategies for alumni engagement and evaluating the impact of alumni engagement
  • Provide opportunities for communication and collaboration between leadership programs and program staff.

These objectives shifted as we learned together through the collaborative; we worked hard to remain flexible throughout the process to build in new objectives as they arose through our work together.

Each participating organization had two participants in the collaborative, and we held four, two-day sessions in 2016.

Meet the Participants

Nine organizations were chosen to participate in the 2016 Leadership Learning Collaborative through a competitive application process:

  • Aroostook Aspirations
  • The Maine Girls' Academy (formerly Catherine McAuley High School)
  • The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership
  • Leadership Hancock County
  • Lift360
  • The Maine Association of Nonprofits
  • The Maine State Library
  • New Ventures Maine
  • The Washington County Leadership Institute

Next Steps

Participating organizations had the opportunity to apply for grant funds to implement capacity-building projects that were developed as we worked together throughout the year.

View recent grants from the Leadership Learning Collaborative Fund

We expect to share the outcomes and evaluation of this program in mid-2017. We will then consider the options and potential impact of any possible next steps. We expect that results from this collaborative and previous capacity-building initiatives will help inform our future efforts.

For More Information

For more information, please email Maggie Drummond-Bahl at mbahl@mainecf.org or call (207) 412-0839.