Farms, Fisheries, and Food

Maine communities are stronger economically, culturally, and socially when they have access to, invest in, and add value to their natural resources. Almost 80% of respondents in a 2014 Maine Food Strategy survey opted to purchase local or Maine food when given the choice of buying food or fish grown, raised, or caught in Maine—and 56% reported purchasing food at a farmers market or farm stand. One of the reasons they don’t buy more locally? Nearly a quarter of survey takers cited lack of access.

The Maine Community Foundation introduced the Farm, Fisheries and Food Portfolio in 2013 as a mission-driven complement to its Primary Investment Portfolio. This new pool of low-interest philanthropic capital will help to increase the availability and profitability of locally grown food and improve access to funding for entrepreneurs and organizations working in agriculture- and fisheries-related businesses and projects. Expanding access to natural resources, distribution systems, and markets will boost economic opportunities and community benefits.

The Maine Community Foundation welcomes your interest and questions. Please contact Jen Southard, vice president for donor services and gift planning, at or 877-700-6800, ext 842.