An Educated Workforce

Because it is crucial that more Maine workers obtain higher education if the state is to remain competitive in national and global economies, the community foundation supports Educate Maine and its mission to increase enrollment in colleges, universities, and technical schools.

The Next Step Maine Employers’ Initiative, another effort supported by MaineCF, encourages businesses to “take one more step” to encourage their employees' educational aspirations.

The foundation also supports training critical for the management of nonprofits, which represent a major part of the Maine workforce.

Another community foundation focus is early education as a critical part of lifetime learning. MaineCF has provided support for a study on the economic impacts of early childhood education in Maine. The Reading Matters to Maine Fund provides grants to enhance the knowledge base of teachers who teach reading; and the Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund and Rines/Thompson Fund include early childhood education among their grantmaking areas of interest.