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Living History in Bridgton

Third-graders in Bridgton can add time traveling to their list of accomplishments this year, thanks to a handful of local elders who brought history to life at Stevens Brook Elementary School. The students interviewed their neighbors for firsthand stories of days past, from the rules of schoolyard marble games to secrets of haying with a scythe. They wrote in their journals about the old mill, examined old photos, and drew pictures as they studied murals of artist Rufus Porter.

“Murals and Scythes,” their weeks-long history lesson, was part of the Local Stories Project, funded by a grant from a MaineCF donor. Students step away from their desks to become historians, artists, and performers, guided by visiting artists who help direct the hands-on approach to learning.

Photo: Third-grade students are fascinated by an old, portable typewriter. Photo courtesy Laurie Downey