Online Grant Application

Welcome to the Maine Community Foundation’s Online Grant Application System. MaineCF has moved to a new platform for our online grantmaking. The information required for grant applications remains the same but we have made changes to the sign-on process.

Every application is now a new entry; there is no need to log on to a previous record or organization. You will be able to invite other participants to have viewing or editing privileges on the application.

Please be aware that MaineCF will only accept one application per organization per grant program*. Check with other personnel at your organization about collaborating on a single proposal. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their organization does not make duplicate applications.

Maine Community Foundation’s Online Grant Application Login Page

Proposal history is not available through this system. If your organization would like to have a copy of a previously submitted proposal for reference, please email with as much information as possible: date, grant program, project title, etc.

Here is a brief list of information you may want to have available when you begin your application. There will be additional directions on the application, including word limits. You may copy/paste information from other sources into the online form (use the keys CTL C to copy selected text and CTL V to paste). This information is unchanged from the previous format.

  • Your organization’s mission, population served, and a brief description of two priority projects or services.
  • A brief description of your project
  • Financial information about your organization including the start and end date of your last fiscal year, your annual operating budget, total revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • A detailed project budget, including a list of expenses and other sources of funding
  • List of key project personnel including a brief description of their roles and qualifications
  • List of your organization’s board of directors or advisory committee, including their occupation and city/town of residence

 If your organization is not a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, please include contact information for your fiscal sponsor (for more information, read the fiscal sponsorship overview and fiscal sponsorship FAQ).

If your organization does not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, you will also need to provide one of the following:

  • If your organization has a fiscal sponsor: signed fiscal sponsorship agreement form
  • If your organization is a public school or school district: letter from principal or superintendent agreeing to accept community foundation grant funds for your project
  • If your organization is a municipal library: letter from the Town or City Manager confirming your library’s municipal status. Libraries with separate 501(c)(3) status do not need to provide this information.
  • If your organization is a town/city or government/municipal agency: include a letter from the head of agency agreeing to accept Maine Community Foundation grant funds

 Other documentation you may need:

  • If your project proposes work with a school: a letter of agreement from a school representative
  • If your project is a collaboration with an organization/organizations other than a school: letters of agreement from participating organizations that explain their level of involvement

Once this information has been gathered, it should take about 45 minutes to complete the application. If you wish to prepare in advance, you may use the downloadable narrative questions and organization budget form.

If you have additional questions please contact Amy Pollien, Grants Manager at or (207) 412-2012.

MaineCF will accept more than one application from large organizations (with budgets of $2 million and more), if the applicants are separate programs and serve different counties in Maine. Most large organizations have procedures to determine which departments or units can apply. Consult the program officer listed on the grant guidelines page before submitting multiple applications.