Grant Recipient FAQ

Why does the Maine Community Foundation require progress reports for projects it funds?
We strongly believe in the value of progress reports as learning instruments for grantees and foundation staff. For grantees, the project progress report allows for a better understanding of the impact of programs, reasons for success, and areas for improvement. For us, the data collected through project progress reports will help inform our grantmaking in the future and allow us to better identify best practices.

How do I put together a project progress report?
For guidance on how to create an evaluation plan for your project, we have provided a Project Planning Guide.

Where do I get a project progress report form?
Project progress report forms are available to download for your convenience. Please download this form for grants of $20,000 or greater. 

How can I let people know about my project or grant?
For your convenience, we have put together a tip sheet on publicizing your grant, organization, or program. The tip sheet also includes a sample press release.

Can I get a copy of the Maine Community Foundation logo to use in my outreach materials?
Our logo is available in a variety of digital formats. Contact Andrea Nemitz, communications and marketing specialist, via e-mail or by phone, toll-free, at (877) 700-6800 for more information or to request a logo.