Recent Grants: Pegasus Fund


  • Alicia Amy, for a winter wetsuit: $400
  • Sari Lindauer, for an Aquaponic IBC-DIY kit with tutorial: $515
  • Tom Fisher, for four one-hour sessions with a personal trainer: $400


  • Mari Dieumegard, to attend a three-day New England The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference: $427
  • James Kingsley, for golf clubs: $350
  • Jill Burgess, to attend USM's StoneCoast Writers' Conference: $500


  • Kathy Damon, for the tools needed to set up a basic metalsmithing studio: $260
  • Guinevere Twitchell, for a djembe drum and drumming lessons: $325


  • Kathy Damon, to attend a beginner metal-smithing class at Portland Pottery: $295
  • Mari Dieumegard, for a drafting table and a membership fee to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators: $235
  • Stephanie Dolan, for a class at the Portland Fiber Gallery and Weaving Studios: $225
  • Marjorie Haley, for a used kayak, paddle, and life jacket: $350