Recent Grants: Aroostook County Fund

2018 Grants

  • Aroostook Area Agency on Aging, Presque Isle, to strengthen the organization's communications capacity with techniques learned through the MaineCF FrameLab Reframing Aging initiative: $6,966
  • Association Culturelle et Historique du Mont-Carmel, Grand Isle, to develop a permanent historical exhibit on Acadian and French-Canadian folklore of the St. John Valley: $5,000
  • Loving Military Heritage Center, Limestone, to help level floors to make them safer and easier for older people: $5,000
  • Paws Animal Welfare Society, Inc., Fort Kent, to increase capacity to benefit the organization and public: $2,572
  • Putnam House, Houlton, to create an environment that will allow older people to socialize, learn, and thrive through companionship: $6,000
  • MSAD #70, Hodgdon, to expand opportunities for students to be involved in fine arts and especially drama: $5,000
  • Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum, Littleton, to create an exhibit that highlights the history of snow plowing and snow removal in Aroostook County: $10,000
  • University of Maine at Presque Isle, Presque Isle, to purchase an energy-efficient LED horticultural  lighting system for UMPI's new 2,400-square-foot greenhouse: $10,000

2017 Grants

  • MSAD 33, to create a new academic program that will create agricultural education programs centered on the design, building, and operations of a greenhouse: $10,000
  • Cary Medical Center, for free hypertension screening and diabetes prevention programs that will include training and certification of UMaine-Fort Kent nursing students and healthy cooking and fitness programs for six communities: $9,600
  • Halfway Home Pet Rescue, Inc., to improve its ability to provide emergency food and supplies, disaster relief, kenneling, and adoption services for pets: $8,700
  • Maine Federation of Farmers' Markets, to increase participation in the Women, Infants, and Children Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program in four rural communities through outreach to recipients and training for farmers: $4,452
  • Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum, to create an exhibit that highlights contributions of the Micmacs to potato harvesting in Aroostook County and that features the world's largest potato basket: $8,680
  • Town of Grand Isle, to expand the town’s capacity to provide outdoor performances and community engagement: $5,370
  • Town of Madawaska, to help the local food pantry make energy efficiency improvements that will decrease operational costs and increase funding available for programming: $6,000

2016 Grants

  • University of Maine at Presque Isle, to support purchase of technologies to create a professional development center: $10,000
  • The Aroostook Medical Center, to expand a bike path with the City of Presque Isle to increase opportunities for physical activities: $3,000
  • RSU 79, for the RSU 79 and SAD 1 Adult and Community Education kitchen project: $10,000
  • Maine Robotics, for STEM summer camps in Aroostook County: $6,240
  • Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association, to expand organic farming in Aroostook County: $9,050
  • Friends of Aroostook, for program expansion: $2,500
  • City of Presque Isle, to purchase a sound system for the public pavilion and downtown concert series: $8,800
  • Caribou Recreation Foundation, to create a new Caribou marathon race: $5,000
  • Aroostook Area Agency on Aging, Inc., to provide adult day services: $2,500

2015 Grants

  • Aroostook County Action Program, Inc., to equip Head Start staff with wireless laptops that will provide immediate access to family health and educational records and family-support tools so they can respond quickly with time-sensitive information  to up to 125 low-income families with children under age five: $8,400
  • Catholic Charities of Maine, to implement new and sustainable sources of fresh, local vegetables through development of the Glean Team: $9,500
  • Friends of Aroostook, to expand the Inmate Work Release program, assist in purchasing a truck for inmate transportation and farm activities, and fund inmate supervisors for a program that provides local farm food to the community: $5,680
  • Maine School of Science and Math Foundation, to increase student interest in STEM through student-directed research in engineering and robotics: $6,000
  • Northern Maine Trails Alliance, to develop a concept plan for a recreational trail system that will support youth and community programs, healthier outdoor lifestyles, and economic revitalization: $5,000
  • Town of Frenchville, for development of the Frenchville Cultural Park: $5,000

2014 Grants

  • Aroostook Aspirations Initiative, for the Dream Catcher Fund, a safety net for scholars with unanticipated financial barriers: $5,000
  • Cary Medical Center, to develop the Rural Oncology Model Program: $5,000
  • Catholic Charities Maine, to create efficiency in the Caribou Threads of Hope Thrift Store: $7,500
  • Central Aroostook Historical Society, to support facilities for society headquarters: $5,000
  • Greater Grand Isle Historical Society, to support upgrades to the museum in preparation for the World Acadian Congress: $7,500
  • Long Lake Public Library, to equip an archive room and have staff support in preparation for the World Acadian Congress: $5,000
  • St. John Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, to support natural resource and agriculture-based day camps for the Central Aroostook and St. John Valley communities: $2,000
  • Transformation Ministries, Inc., to develop and launch a monthly community education series on sustainable living practices in rural areas: $4,000
  • United Way of Aroostook, to provide seed funding for the Imagination Library Program that fosters love of reading and literacy among young children by providing age-appropriate books mailed to homes of children from birth to age 5: $4,000

2013 Grants

  • Aid for Kids, Houlton, for green fixtures for the Distribution Center for the "Other Maine" Project: $2,500
  • Aroostook Area Agency on Aging, Presque Isle, to support volunteer-based prescription drug assistance benefit counseling: $3,000
  • Aroostook County Action Program, Presque Isle,to support a second Youth Triathlon: $2,000
  • Cary Medical Center, Caribou, to support the Ride Aroostook volunteer program: $2,000
  • Catholic Charities Maine, Portland, to open a Catholic Charities Thrift Store location in Monticello to raise funds to support the food bank: $6,500
  • Halfway Home Pet Rescue, Caribou, for the Trap/Neuter/Relocate program to aid feral cat colonies: $1,500
  • Madawaska Four Corners Park Associaton, Madawaska, to beautify the front of a property (Park) and U.S. 1 on the site where a building is soon to be demolished: $4,000
  • Maine School of Science and Mathematics Foundation, Limestone, to purchase grow lamps and lumber to improve the school’s greenhouse: $3,500
  • Northern Maine Fair Association, Presque Isle, to construct a stage for lumberjack competitors to perform and educate spectators at the Northern Maine Fair: $3,000
  • Northern Maine Medical Center, Fort Kent, to create a social media presence to make the Edgar J. (Guy) Paradis Cancer Fund more visible and accessible: $2,500
  • Town of Fort Kent, Fort Kent, to support the new historical mural at the entrance of Riverside Park: $8,400
  • Turner Memorial Library, Presque Isle, to match cash and in-kind donations to digitize old community newspapers for historical and genealogical research and make them freely available online: $2,000
  • Washburn Memorial Library, Washburn, for an additional two computers and two carrels to better serve the needs of this growing library that in many ways is the heart of three communities: $3,000

2012 Grants

  • Aroostook Area Agency on Aging, Presque Isle, to provide wellness-related exercise equipment, specifically for yoga, tai chi, and walking: $400
  • Aroostook Mental Health Services, Caribou, to reinstate the Weekend Program, one of the follow-up activities of the Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp program: $1,250
  • Ashland Area Cross Country Ski Club, Ashland, to establish a cross-country ski rental program to serve children age 5 to 18 in the greater Ashland area: $2,000
  • Crouseville Community Playground, Crouseville, for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Milford A. Libby Community Playground: $2,000
  • Forest Society of Maine, Bangor, for the successful completion of the Violette Brook project to permanently conserve 392 acres of forestland in Van Buren and Cyr Plantation: $4,000
  • Hope and Justice Project, Presque Isle, to establish Virtual Resource Centers at Hope and Justice Project sites throughout Aroostook to connect victims of abuse and violence with vital services and legal resources that are accessible through the internet: $1,100
  • Maine 21st Century Community Learning Centers - RSU 39, Caribou, to increase the quality and availability of After School Programming for students of our 21st Century Learning Community: $4,450
  • Northern Maine Community College Foundation, Presque Isle, to create a new wellness center and a student center on campus: $4,000
  • Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum, Littleton, to support the addition of metal roofing on the main museum building: $1,500
  • St. John Valley Soil & Water Conservation District, Fort Kent, to complete a consumer survey of Aroostook County residents to determine their interest in, and identify any barriers to, their participation in the proposed Valley Roots Local Product Cooperative: $2,500
  • University of Maine at Presque Isle, Presque Isle, to create a larger, museum quality gallery space at 149 State St. in downtown Presque Isle for the school’s Reed Fine Art Gallery: $5,000
  • World Acadian Congress, Madawaska, to create and install eight large-scale wood relief sculptures depicting historical significance to our region: $7,000

2011 Grants

  • Aroostook County Action Program, Presque Isle, to replenish the "emergency fund" that is used when there is no other resource in the community to help clients meet basic survival and health needs: $3,000
  • Cary Medical Center, Caribou, to purchase a "Safe Sharps" disposal kiosk as part of the Community Safe Sharps Disposal Program: $3,000
  • Catholic Charities of Maine, Portland, to stock the warehouse in order to distribute non-perishable food to pantries in Aroostook County: $10,000
  • Dr. Levesque Elementary School, Frenchville, to purchase math resources for multi-level instruction and the storage units to house them: $5,000
  • Friends of Aroostook, Houlton, for capacity building support: $10,000
  • Halfway Home Pet Rescue, Caribou, to provide operating support, including spay/neuter programs, rabies vaccines, and feline leukemia/FIV testing: $500
  • Limestone/Caswell Historical Society, Limestone, for a shelter to house antique farm equipment: $8,400
  • Loring Military Heritage Center, Limestone, to purchase siding, wiring, and other materials for the building: $3,000
  • Northern Lighthouse, Mars Hill, to provide classes for community members, employees, and special-needs clients that encourage team building and self-esteem, and programs that stop bullying: $4,000
  • Northern Maine Fair Association, Presque Isle, to purchase materials for An Educational Day at the Farm, which will take place during the last week of July, for children 3-10 years old: $3,500
  • Portage Lake Historical Society, Portage Lake, to apply for Federal incorporation and attorney fees: $1,200
  • Presque Isle Historical & Genealogical Society, Presque Isle, to establish a pilot Non-Profit Management Training Certificate Program by partnering with Northern Maine Community College: $3,500