Recent Grants: Androscoggin County Fund

2018 Grants

  • Advocates for Children, to deliver parenting education to rural Androscoggin County: $5,000
  • Community Dental, to use technology to expand interpreter services in Lewiston: $6,000
  • LA Arts, to develop a community-based digital arts program in downtown Lewiston that serves and features the community's diverse cultures and perspectives: $6,500
  • New Mainers Public Health Initiative, to organize 12 workshops for parents on the topic of developmental delays such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy: $7,000
  • Rural Community Action Ministry, to coordinate volunteers to provide outreach services to older and disabled people in rural areas of Androscoggin County: $3,000
  • Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization, to support and train a group of immigrant mothers to form a childcare co-op in Lewiston/Auburn: $7,500

2017 Grants

  • Literacy Volunteers-Androscoggin, to enhance workplace literacy/conversation classes for beginner to intermediate English language adult learners by extending into the summer months and adding mentors from the business community to help students successfully connect with a good job: $957
  • Maine Boys to Men, to expand the Reducing Sexism and Violence Program to adults in Lewiston and build on existing work at Lewiston High School and Middle School: $5,000
  • New Mainers Public Health Initiative, to expand learning sessions for parents to share information and help their developmentally delayed or cognitively challenged children in medical, school, and home contexts: $3,500
  • The Center for Wisdom's Women, to further develop the herb gardening and social enterprise project to cultivate job skills, meaningful work, and ultimately income: $10,000
  • Tree Street Youth, to build the capacity of BRANCHES college-prep program through a new position focused on alumni support: $7,000
  • Safe Voices, to expand the Advocacy Beyond the School System program in Androscoggin County to increase support and prevention activities to youth who experience the violence of human trafficking and provide training and technical assistance to service providers: $3,500

2016 Grants

  • Androscoggin River Watershed Council, to support a special Family Day in Androscoggin County as part of its annual Source to Sea paddling event: $2,000
  • Center for Wisdom's Women, to build capacity in the area of social media, marketing, and communication to increase the center’s awareness and visibility: $4,688
  • Lewiston Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation, to expand the Aspirations enrichment program at the Hillview development with the addition of a food concession stand and a summer literacy program for students in Kindergarten through fourth grade: $3,330
  • New Mainers Public Health Initiative, to reach out and educate immigrant and refugee parents about a range of developmental disabilities and how they can improve their relationship with their children and their children's development: $8,000
  • Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization, to support “From Apartment to Lot to Greenhouse to Field to Farm,” an initiative to assist members of Lewiston’s Somali Bantu community become more educated about nutrition and healthy eating while also learning how to farm and sell their produce to become more self-sufficient: $8,500
  • YWCA of Central Maine, to support the “Positive Ethnic and Cultural Exchange” (PEACE) initiative to develop an active, multi-cultural community around social gatherings, skill sharing, and mobilizing for social change: $8,147

2015 Grants

  • College for ME-Androscoggin, to build financial capacity to ensure permanent fiscal health and organizational success to serve post-secondary needs of county residents: $6,722
  • Rural Community Action Ministry, to support Our Hunger Prevention project: $8,045
  • John F. Murphy Homes, Inc., for the Whiting Farm store greenhouse project to create a working exhibit of sustainable growing methods: $10,000
  • Good Food Council of Lewiston-Auburn, to increase its coordinator's hours to enhance outreach and education activities and provide improved support for the council to take concrete steps on priority projects: $3,000
  • Kennebec Valley Mental Health Center, to support the program Looking Ahead Clubhouse for adults living with mental illness, based on a model the provides employment, education, and social activities: $2,500
  • Lewiston-Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation, to support the Aspirations youth program and implement the new "How Everything Works" component of Lewiston Housing Authority's Hillview family housing development: $2,500
  • Tree Street Youth, to support implementation of Tree Street's new Values Education for at-risk elementary and teenage youth: $6,500

2014 Grants

  • Community Concepts, Inc., for the Androsoggin County "helping community" to incorporate Bridges Out of Poverty strategies and be more effective in helping low-income residents move out of poverty:  $7,500
  • Lewiston Adult Education, to support a collaboration with the Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services to provide computer literacy training for new and incumbent workers:  $5,000
  • Tree Street Youth, to conduct an environmental and structural assessment of the current facility in planning for a building purchase and
    program expansion: $5,000
  • Welcoming Maine, for capacity-building funds to increase the quality and depth of the program, ensure long-term impact, and further efforts to build social capital between multicultural residents: $9,300

2013 Grants

  • Advocates for Children, to establish a volunteer program that uses best practices and standards: $10,000
  • Operation Breaking Stereotypes, to support Lewiston High School students and their Operation Breaking Stereotypes partners from the School for Democracy and Leadership in Brooklyn, NY, to work with Americans Who Tell the Truth during the 2013-2014 school year: $3,000
  • Somali Bantu Community of Lewiston, Maine, for the Utilities Education Program to assist Lewiston/Auburn’s newest refugee community with education programs, language translation and negotiation assistance to ensure families have access to the utilities they need to stay warm and dry: $7,000
  • Tree Street Youth, for the expansion of the Tree Street College Preparatory Program: $10,000

2012 Grants

  • Androscoggin Land Trust, to lead a collaborative effort to plan riverfront recreation and trail development in Lewiston-Auburn, complete a public process for establishing land and water trail priorities, present joint community/after-school outings, and complete wayfinding and signage planning: $7,000
  • Somali Bantu Youth Association of Maine, to provide job skills training for immigrant and refugees in the Lewiston/Auburn area: $6,000
  • Tree Street Youth, to support the Street Leader Program that trains a diverse cohort of responsible high school aged youth from the community to mentor, support, and be role models to their peers and younger community members: $5,000
  • Trinity Jubilee Center, to create an East African Entrees project in the soup kitchen, providing an opportunity for hundreds of low-income downtown Lewiston residents to experience the tastes of Somalia and Djibouti and increase their connections to these cultures and their new neighbors: $2,000
  • United Way of the Tri-Valley Area,to further engage volunteers in energy conservation initiatives, which include the Community Energy Challenge interior storm window project and the new Home Energy Party concept: $5,000

2011 Grants

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine, to enhance the State Parks Pass program at the Auburn/Lewiston Clubhouse for members, particularly teens: $2,500
  • John F. Murphy Homes, for staff training: $3,200
  • Let's Get Ready, for the Maine LGR Project to expand college access for low-income high school students by providing free SAT preparation and counseling: $3,500
  • Lewiston-Auburn Area Housing Development Corporation, to expand the Aspirations Program and collaborate with St. Mary's Nutrition Center to reach residents of Hillview: $3,506
  • President and Trustees of Bates College, for the Bates College Museum of Art to partner with Lewiston-Auburn teachers for the Thousand Words Project to develop students visual literacy skills: $5,000
  • Washburn-Norlands Foundation, to support the Norlands Barn Raisers project: $7,294