Waldo County Fund

Members of the Waldo County Committee are, from left, Chip Curry (chair), Matt Curtis, Kevin Johnson, Mary Leaming (vice chair), Brenda Harrington, Martha Piscuskas, Betty Schopmeyer, Jean English, Jon Thurston, and Molly Schauffler.

Launched in 1990 when Waldo County was the poorest county in New England, the Waldo County Fund provides permanent support to nonprofits in the region. The purpose of the fund is to support organizations and projects that serve Waldo County. The Waldo County Committee reviews grant applications received through the Community Building grant program that serve Waldo County. They make recommendations to fund those applications that meet the grant program criteria and that have the greatest potential for positive impact on the quality of life in Waldo County. The Waldo County Fund has awarded more than 140 grants since 1992.

Other ways the community foundation is serving the region

  • In addition to the Waldo County Fund, the community foundation currently holds more than $4.5 million in assets dedicated to Waldo County in the form of donor-advised funds, scholarships, designated funds to support specific organizations, and field-of-interest funds.
  • Since 2002, more than $156,000 in additional grant support for projects serving Waldo County has come from a network of Maine Community Foundation donors in support of proposals submitted to the foundation’s competitive grant programs.
  • Waldo County Scholarships
  • The community foundation manages more than $1.8 million in charitable long-term funds on behalf of other nonprofit organizations throughout Waldo County.

To make a donation or for more information about the Waldo County Fund

Please contact Cathy Melio at the Maine Community Foundation by phone, toll-free, at (877) 700-6800, or by e-mail at cmelio@mainecf.org.

Waldo County Committee

Chip Curry, Chair, Belfast

Mary Leaming, Vice Chair, Unity

Matthew Curtis, Belfast

Jean English, Lincolnville

Brenda Harrington, Waldo

Kevin Johnson, Belfast

Molly Schauffler, Northport

Jon Thurston, Searsmont

Betty Schopmeyer, Searsport