Aroostook County Fund

In 1986, Aroostook County businesses and individuals established the Aroostook County Fund to ensure the county would have local charitable resources to address community issues and challenges. The purpose of the fund is to support organizations and projects that serve Aroostook County. The Aroostook County Committee reviews grant applications received through the Community Building grant program that serve Aroostook County. They make recommendations to fund those applications that meet the grant program criteria and that have the greatest potential for positive impact on the quality of life in Aroostook County.

Over the years, the fund has grown to almost $1,000,000 and the Aroostook County Committee has awarded more than $450,000 in grants.

Other ways the community foundation is serving the region

  • Since 2002, the foundation has generated more than $143,300 in additional grant support for projects serving Aroostook County from its network of donors through proposals submitted to the foundation’s competitive grant programs.
  • Aroostook County Scholarships
  • The community foundation manages more than $3 million in charitable long-term funds on behalf of other nonprofit organizations throughout Aroostook County.

To make a donation or to learn more about the Aroostook County Fund

Please contact the Maine Community Foundation by phone, toll-free, at (877) 700-6800, or by e-mail at To learn more about the fund, contact Foundation Officer Erica McCrum,



Aroostook County Committee

Lori Weston, Chair, Houlton

Frank McElwain, Vice Chair, Caribou

Richard Ezzy, Caribou

Frances Gendreau, Saint David

Toby Jandreau, Fort Kent

Rob Moran, Houlton

Jane Torres, Houlton

Jane Towle, Presque Isle

Kari Wells-Puckett, Presque Isle