Types of Funds

These funds are available for individuals and families and can memorialize an individual or family.

Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund allows you to maintain active involvement in the distribution of your gifts. When you establish a donor-advised fund with the Maine Community Foundation, you reserve the right to make grant recommendations to support charitable organizations and activities that interest you. The advised fund is especially useful if you want to take a charitable deduction one year and make distributions over several years, or if you wish to involve family members in your ongoing charitable giving.

Designated Fund

One or more nonprofit organizations or public agencies identified by you can benefit through a designated fund. Your designation will be honored through the years.

Field-of-Interest Fund

A field-of-interest fund supports organizations in a general area of charitable interest. They include funds that support health, social services, the arts, environment, education or a geographical area. These funds give the foundation grantmaking discretion within the specified area of interest. Read about some of the field of interest funds at the Maine Community Foundation.

Nonprofit Agency Fund

Nonprofit organizations can transfer an existing endowment or other long-term fund to the Maine Community Foundation. An agency nonprofit fund is a simple and effective way to take advantage of the foundation's professional investment management services and stewardship while building a perpetual source of funding and promoting sustainability for your nonprofit.

Scholarship Fund

This fund can support a wide variety of educational needs and honor a family member, educational leader or friend. Scholarship funds range from those that support graduates of specific high schools to statewide programs for special groups such as Vietnam veterans.

Supporting Organization

This is an attractive alternative to funding a private foundation because it offers superior tax benefits. While the Maine Community Foundation appoints most of the Board members, the donor can serve and appoint others, name the fund, propose grants and review requests.

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