Legacies for Maine: Honoring Vision and Commitment

Legacies for Maine recognizes donors who have made known their bequest or planned gift commitments.

These individuals and families inspire others to also consider leaving legacies. Their foresight will impact Maine's social, civic, cultural and environmental well-being in the years to come.

All legacy donors are invited to participate. For more information, contact Jennifer Southard by e-mail or by phone toll-free at 877-700-6800.

Legacies for Maine Members

Anonymous (154)
Charles Alexander
Nancy M. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Allen
Robert C. and Linda Sutherland Allen
Leslie Anderson and Dan Nygaard
Robert J. Anderson, Jr. and Richard A. Ames
Ms. Mary E. Andrews
Ada and Rodney Angotti
Danuta M. Barnard
Richard Barnes
Richard and Pat Barter
Cornelia Greaves Bates
Peter M. Beckerman
Mike and Nancy Beebe
John Bisignano
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bitner
Fran Bodell
David Body and Elizabeth Miller
Erno and Victoria Bonebakker
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ray Bradford, Jr.
Bridge and Celeste Bridgford
Don Burns
Frederick H. Cahn
Gena Canning
Diana Casey
Pamela Cleghorn
Diane and Frederick Conley
Scott Cowger and Vincent Hannan
Debra Coyman
Kenneth and Pauline Curtis
Edward L. Deci
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher
Elizabeth Elder
Peggy Fallon-St. Thomas and Bruce St. Thomas
Lee Fay
Kathleen and Rob Flory
Charles E. Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. G. Fuller
Deborah F. Chase and W. John Funk
Robert and Barbara Gilfillan
Jeff Gleason
Sally and Tony Grassi
Jim Greenwall and Emily Magal
Andrew Greif
Carole Severance Hadlock
Brian and Gail Hamel
Tom and Holly Hancock
Charles P. Harriman
Lynn Harrison
Betsy Friedman Hays and David Hays
Walter Hebold
Ruth H. Heffron and John F. Vernelson
Janet Henry and Vernon Moore
Merton G. Henry
Nancy S. Horie
Sherry Fisher Huber
Charles Huntoon
Bob and Allidah Iles
Sue Jackman
Anne Jackson
Carol and Gilbert Jaeger
Meredith Jones and Dana Murch
Mr. and Mrs. Rendle A. Jones
June F. Burrill Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Keoughan
Felicity J. Kerr and David C. Reynolds
William H. Kieffer, III and James M. May
Barbara Klie
Gary Koocher
Jean LaBrecque
Ann True Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lape
James Robert Lausier
Ralph Leonard
Marie B. Lewis and Craig McAllister
Kristen Lindquist and Paul Doiron

Richard and Carolyn McGoldrick
Milton S. McKeen, Jr.
Rae and Thomas Chalmers McLaughlin
Cynthia McMullin
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Meadows
Dorothy Meriwether and Betty Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William Michaud
Charles S. Miller
Janet Milne and John B. Kuhns
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Minsky
Marian Morgan
Eleanor and Richard Morrell
William J. Murtagh
Elizabeth Nolan and Edward Kelleher
Lucy and John Nordahl
W. Kent Olson
Sandra Paine
Andrea Paul
Wendy and Dick Penley
Robert and Dorothy Phair
Skip and Sandy Pierce
Frances P. Pinkham
Doris and Stan Pollack
Ellen Pope and Pat Welch
Jennifer and Neal Richard
O. William Robertson
Colonel Manley Rogers
Charles and Susan Roscoe
Irwin K. Rosenberg and Barbara F. Rosenberg
George and Cevia Rosol
Joyce Rumery
Mary R. Saltonstall
The Hon. and Mrs. Waldron T. Sawyer, Jr.
Diane Schetky
Barbara Schlichtman and Michael Steinberg
Henry L. P. Schmelzer and Cynthia Livingston
Pearl L. Sciaraffa
Curt and Nina Scribner
George and Jean Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Shaw
Suzanne S. Shaw
Judith Allen Smith and Donald Smith
Dave Snow
M. Bernadine Speers
Ken S. Spirer
Karen Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. William Stoloski
Pamelia Strayer
Perry Sutherland
Ann and David Swanson
Cathy Sweetser and Jock Moore
Annee Tara
Mr. and Mrs. E. Gilman Tenney
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Thompson
Jay and Diane Thompson
Anna Marie and John E. Thron
Stephen and Gloria Towle
Philip B. Turner
The family of Deborah Jean Valente
Roderick and Lori Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Walker
Gretta J. Wark
Hans and Lee Warner
Katharine J. Watson
Esta Jane and Peter Weil
Jane C. Wellehan
Rebecca and John Welsh
Ashley Wernher-Collins and Scott Collins
Sidney S. Whelan, Jr.
Philip and Vivian Willey
Wendy Wolf and Mary Neal
Laura L. Young
John D. Zimmerman
Patty and Bill Zimmerman