Looking Forward, Giving Back

Donors to the Maine Community Foundation are devoted to supporting many different causes for just as many different reasons. We are pleased to be able to offer profiles of some of them.

Mary Bayer and Leon Bresloff: Lives of Caring

Bayer and Bresloff believe in entrepreneurial giving. “We were looking at projects that needed a little bit of help to get started, and then could get on by themselves,” says Bresloff ... more

The Blums: A Family Legacy

Philanthropy is as deeply embedded in the Blum family as their love for Maine ... more

David Body and Elizabeth Miller: Knowing the Power of Education

When David Body and Elizabeth Miller began to work through the financial arrangements that come with joining lives, they began to think of their legacy. Neither had children. Both had lists of issues they cared about. They eventually realized that what they wanted to do was an extension of the work they had embraced ... more

The Dietzes: Philanthropy is a Family Affair

Meg and Brian Dietz discuss how their family fund at the Maine Community Foundation allows their children can gain the tools, along with some direction, for their philanthropy. ... more

Allen and Sally Fernald: Giving Back to Their State

Allen and Sally Fernald have a bird’s-eye view of the Maine coast from their home in Rockport, with the Camden Hills in the foreground and the islands of Penobscot Bay beyond. This special perspective strengthens their commitment to the community ... more

Catharine Guiles: Practicing a Personal Philanthropy

Catharine Guiles sits in her living room on the crown of Gloucester Hill, the highest point in Cumberland County. A former science editor and avid gardener, with a special interest in ferns, this woman’s soft, plainspoken directness comes right out of Our Town — and with some reason. Guiles’ uncle, Thornton Wilder, wrote the play ... more

Merton Henry: An Estate Lawyer's Bequest

Merton Henry says getting involved in the community was a given. “It’s a lawyer’s responsibility,” he states. Commendations on the wall of his office testify to years of public service by him and his late wife, Judge Harriet P. Henry ... more

Ted Johanson and Patricia Lundholm: "It's Wicked Fun to Give"

“We’re kind of modest people, but all of a sudden we had some tangible assets that we never had before,” says Johanson. Almost as soon as the sale went through, they established a donor-advised fund with the Maine Community Foundation ... more

Bill Kieffer and Jim May: Roots in the Community

A love of skiing brought Bill Kieffer and Jim May to Bethel, Maine, 18 years ago. A love of Maine, with its sense of community and close connections, has kept them ... more

Eleanor Kinney: Philanthropy in Action

Eleanor Kinney was all of twenty-two years old when Brownie Carson, former executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, sat at the kitchen table of her small Washington, D.C., house and watched her write her first four-figure philanthropic check ... more

The McGoldrick Family: Learning and Sharing

By setting up a donor-advised fund at the community foundation, the McGoldricks could preserve their vision of engaging their daughters in the concept of giving back ... more

Deborah Pulliam: Giving Without Recognition

Twenty years ago, Deborah Pulliam came to Maine to work at the Castine Patriot. Then her father died, and four years later, she and her mother inherited a fortune. Literally. Yet even friends close enough to share holidays with Pulliam did not know this. To them, she was a rather quiet woman who loved animals, cared deeply about textiles and history ... more

Diane Schetky: Enhancing Literacy, Honoring a Father

As a psychiatrist who has worked in Maine’s prisons, Diane Schetky knows that illiteracy is more than just embarrassing. It can ruin lives. So when her father died a few years ago, Schetky sought to honor him in a way he would appreciate: through a fund for literacy ... more

Wickham Skinner: One Man, Many Missions

Wickham Skinner's St. George Peninsula home might be quiet, but his retirement has been anything but. Skinner brings commitment to his passions -- and he thinks big. ... more

Jack and Ann Spiegel: Giving was a Given

Just after World War II, when Jack and Anne Spiegel were young Boston-area newlyweds, they decided to do something quite surprising: embark on their new business of making moccasins in Maine. ...more


Lori and Rod Vogel: A Family Fund for the Future

Although they don't have great family wealth and are not anticipating large inheritances, the Vogels have done something remarkable: included a bequest in their wills that will create a donor-advised family fund at the Maine Community Foundation ... more

Robert and Anne Woodbury: Engaging the Family in Giving

In their respective careers, the Woodburys have known what it's like to try to raise money. In recent years, the Woodburys have traded asking for giving--and finding creative ways to give and engage their family in philanthropy is an ongoing passion ... more

Bill and Patty Zimmerman: Good Work Is Their Mission

When Bill and Patty Zimmerman moved to Peaks Island in 1999, they carried more than their love of Maine and the water. They bore a driving belief in communities helping themselves ... more

Donors Unite to Support Maine Agriculture

A $1-million investment in Maine farms demonstrates the power of many donors pooling resources ... more

Legacies for Maine

Legacies for Maine recognizes donors who have made known their bequest or planned gift commitments. Their foresight will benefit Maine's social, civic, cultural, and environmental well-being in the years to come ... more