The Maine Community Foundation celebrates its 35th year in 2018 with occasional profiles of people who contribute to and benefit from the foundation's work to improve the quality of life for all Maine people.

From the category archives: Grant recipients

Grant recipients

Margaret Hoffman: A Nonprofit Leader and Her Village

“The best part of this work is knowing that you are having an impact on people. I don’t work in a field — health care or human services — where I save lives, but arts, culture, and history are what make life worth living!”

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Nancy Howland: Giving Back

“Volunteering is a wonderful way to spend your day, knowing you’ve made someone’s life easier and more pleasant. Plus, you’ve usually learned something new and probably made a new friend.”

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Eliot Coleman: Gardener, Teacher, Entrepreneur

“[Farming] is the hardest job you will ever love. The greatest satisfaction comes from making an exceptional product that enhances the well-being of your customers.”

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Mike Felton, Paul Meinersmann & Amy Palmer: The Makerspace Initiative

“At its core, the Makerspace reminds students (and educators!) that we are all inventors and entrepreneurs and have the power to solve problems.

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Mariam Al-Hamdany: Learning to Lead

"The staff keeps me coming back and my friends from different schools who have different backgrounds."


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James Ritter: Maine State Librarian

“…Libraries in Maine are the nodes of multiple connections and the gateways for prosperous communities.”


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Troy Murphy: Mogul Master and Adventurer

“To me being a Mainer means that you’re a very genuine person who’s friendly, down to earth, and up for adventure!”


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Richard Silliboy and the World’s Largest Potato Basket

“I come out here [to my workshop] and work with the brown ash and it’s almost like praying.”

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Carol Shutt and the Astor Incentive Awards

“I think the [Astor] grants have made me more of an artist,” says K-8 art teacher Carol Shutt. “And they have changed how I work with kids. Being a teacher but being an artist too, I am setting an example.”

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