The Maine Community Foundation celebrates its 35th year in 2018 with occasional profiles of people who contribute to and benefit from the foundation's work to improve the quality of life for all Maine people.

Andrea Nemitz's Articles

Lucy Shulman: Inventor of Languages

"This is your future, your life, your student debt, not anyone else’s."

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Mariam Al-Hamdany: Learning to Lead

"The staff keeps me coming back and my friends from different schools who have different backgrounds."


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Mike and Denise Dubyak: Passionate About Education

“…We believe the most important component of optimizing a person’s chances to fulfill their career dreams starts in early childhood.”

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Achayo Katanga and the Community Bicycle Center

"I used to like to stay in the shadows but the CBC made me come out into the light and be myself," says Achayo Katanga, 11, who has discovered new friends and interests at the Community Bicycle Center in Biddeford.

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