Historic Preservation

Hammond Hall, Winter Harbor
 Historic Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor, Maine.

Maine’s “quality of place” speaks to the state’s rural character, its historic downtowns, and unspoiled landscapes. Inspired by the 2006 report Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Place, MaineCF’s commitment to this concept is tied to its community-building mission.

Maine’s downtowns are central to the economic, cultural, and civic fabrics of our communities. Downtowns attract and serve residents and visitors seeking a mix of amenities, cultural enrichment, and a sense of community. Historic buildings often act as hubs for these activities and, in many cases, add to a community’s aesthetic backdrop through their architectural and historical significance.

MaineCF supports historic preservation and downtown revitalization by working with two statewide organizations:

  • The foundation partners with Maine Historic Preservation Commission to make capital grants to historic preservation projects, primarily in Downeast Maine, with funds made available through a generous bequest from a MaineCF donor who was committed to historic preservation.
  • In partnership with Maine Preservation, the foundation supports a new circuit rider program called Partners in the Field, which will help build community and nonprofit capacity to undertake historic preservation projects by providing on-the-ground training and technical expertise to community groups developing preservation plans.

In addition, MaineCF offers grant and scholarship programs related to historic preservation:

  • In 2009, MaineCF launched the Belvedere Historic Preservation Fund. The fund supports the preservation of historic buildings that serve as civic, cultural or economic hubs in rural communities, with a special focus on downeast Maine.
  • The Maine Steeples Fund supports local efforts to preserve church steeples of historic, cultural, and community significance to communities in Maine.
  • The Keepers Preservation Education Fund was established to support aspiring or established historic preservation professionals who wish to increase their professional knowledge or career potential. Awards may be used for tuition, professional meeting attendance, special book or other types of media purchases, domestic and foreign study travel, and other purposes as deemed appropriate.

For Maine and its people to prosper, strategic investments must be made that revitalize our towns, cities, and local economies.

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