Investing in Maine

In its mission to help Maine’s communities and environment flourish, the Maine Community Foundation works with donors and other partners to employ an array of resources. Many of our grantmaking funds support community-building organizations across the state, be it local theaters, land trusts, or social service providers. In 2014 we established special investment pools dedicated to revitalizing downtowns and increasing access to fresh food.

Learn more in the Maine Ties place issue.

Encouraging Downtown and Business Development

We believe downtown revitalization and growing businesses and jobs go hand in hand.

Helping Farms, Fisheries, and Food

Maine communities are stronger economically, culturally, and socially when they have access to, invest in, and add value to their natural resources.

Investing for Impact

The foundation has added impact investments to its philanthropic toolbox. These mission-related investments generate benefits to communities and the entire state while allowing principal—and often modest returns—to be recovered and redeployed to address social issues.

Preserving History

The Maine Steeples Fund supports the preservation of church steeples of historic, cultural, and community significance. 
The Belvedere Historic Preservation Grant Program supports the preservation or restoration of historic buildings in rural Maine communities. 

Supporting the Arts

The Maine Theater Fund supports professional and community theaters in the production and presentation of live theater. 
The Maine Expansion Arts Fund supports indigenous, ethnic, or rural arts programs or projects. 
The Leonard and Renee Minsky Fund for Arts Education supports artists in residence to work with teachers to bring arts into the classrooms of grades three through five in the public schools of Penobscot and Washington counties.