Administrative Fees

There are costs associated with administering a fund at the Maine Community Foundation. These costs include the bookkeeping and auditing of each fund as well as staff time devoted to investment oversight, making grants, acknowledging contributions, and exercising the required due diligence over grants made from funds to nonprofits or scholarship recipients. MaineCF charges administrative fees to help pay for these professional services.

With support from these administrative fees, the foundation can respond to community needs, convene organizations around important issues, track community trends around the state and serve as a conduit to bring resources into Maine. In this sense, fees are more than simple charges for the delivery of professional services associated with funds; they are an important contribution to the community itself.

New funds are assessed a one-time set-up fee of $250. Unless otherwise noted, fees are based on the principal balance calculated each quarter.

Download MaineCF Administrative Fees in pdf format.